Belle Vie Herringbone Blackbutt Hybrid Flooring

7mm Hybrid
(3 customer reviews)

$55.00 sq mm2

Available in QLD, NSW & VICInstallation Available


Surface Finish Matte Embossed Surface
Acoustic Rating AAAC 5 Star
Slip Rating P3
Thickness 7mm
Wear Layer 0.55mm
Size 625 x 125 (mm)
Pack Size 1.406m²/18 Planks
Installation Method Floating
Edging Micro-Bevel
Domestic Warranty 25 years
Suggested Scotia Blackbutt
Suggested Trim Blackbutt

Warehouse Pickup FREE
Metro Door to Door $120
Regional Door to Door $198
Greater Regional Door to Door $350
Estimated Delivery Time 3-7 Days

14 day returns guarantee

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Total: $247.89

This high-quality Hybrid Herringbone Flooring is designed to provide the perfect combination of style and functionality. With a unique herringbone pattern, it offers a modern and sophisticated look that will elevate any space.


One of the key benefits of this flooring is its durability. It’s made with a hybrid construction that combines the best qualities of laminate and vinyl flooring. This means it’s highly resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and homes with pets or children.

Ease of  Maintenance

Another advantage of Luxury Hybrid Blackbutt Hybrid Herringbone Flooring is its ease of maintenance. Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, it doesn’t require regular sanding and refinishing. Instead, it can be easily cleaned with a damp mop or vacuumed to keep it looking its best.


But perhaps the most alluring aspect of Luxury Hybrid Blackbutt Herringbone Hybrid Flooring is its truly luxurious appearance. The intricate herringbone pattern gracefully adds depth and dimension to any room, resulting in a captivating visual effect. Moreover, the versatile blackbutt color seamlessly complements a wide range of interior design styles, making it an impeccable choice for both modern and traditional spaces alike. By selecting this exquisite flooring option, you can effortlessly elevate your space and make a resounding statement of timeless elegance.

At The Flooring Guys, we are proud to offer Luxury Hybrid Blackbutt Hybrid Herringbone Flooring to our customers. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect flooring option for your home or business and provide professional installation services to ensure that it looks and functions perfectly.


In conclusion, Belle Vie Blackbutt Herringbone Hybrid Flooring is undeniably the ideal flooring option that seamlessly combines style, durability, and low maintenance. Notably, its stunning herringbone pattern and versatile blackbutt color effortlessly add a touch of elegance to any space. Additionally, the hybrid construction guarantees long-lasting performance and resilience. By opting for this exceptional flooring solution, you have the opportunity to transform your home or business with timeless beauty and unmatched quality, truly elevating your surroundings.

3 reviews for Belle Vie Herringbone Blackbutt Hybrid Flooring

  1. Sam

    Very happy, The Team at Perfect floors where extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

  2. Kai

    The installation process was straightforward, and the flooring has remained in excellent condition despite heavy foot traffic. Overall, I highly recommend hybrid herringbone flooring to anyone looking for a high-quality and visually appealing flooring option.

  3. Jay

    My flooring just looks amazing

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