Timber Flooring Installation at Apartment/Unit

by | Jun 4, 2021 | DIY Flooring

At NSW, new installation of timber floor will be considered as one of minor renovations. By law, the owner will need to get approval from the strata .

The approval process may need the owner to give details of the work. This may include:

  • Any plans of the work (A written quote from us)


  • When the work will be carried out (times and dates) (we can work together on the schedule, most of jobs takes 1-2 days to be completed)

  • Qualifications and details of the tradespeople who will do the work. (We will provide docs:1.Certificate of Currency for Liability Insurance 2. Certified acoustic reporter of product that will be installed 3. Carpentry licence if required.)


Please note, in some places, the strata may requires the acoustic test, which will generally cost $1500-$2000. Also, the 1m2-sample of product will be required. We can assist to make it quicker and smoother for your new floor process


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