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1.Sweep and clean the subfloor
2.Install underlay through the floor (if necessary)
3.Measure and cut the trim and base to length
4.Position the Base 1-2mm of any solid objects and predrill holes for screws
5.Screw/glue the base into place
6.Install your flooring, leaving an 8mm space between the boards and the centre piece of the trim
7.Wipe and clean the surface of the board before setting the trim in place.
8.Fix the top plate of the C trim, to the base with rubber hammer. Apply builders’ adhesive into channel for extra strength, stability, the noise reduction. Ensure the top plate is not too tight restricting natural movement.

End Cover are one of the most common profiles. They can be used for a neat finish against sliding doors, full height floor to ceiling windows, carpets, tiled areas and other floor finishings. This profile is glued to the floor and the floating floor slots into the trim, it has 19mm top coverage and is 3 metres in length.

• Height Range: 6.5-15mm
• Top Cover: 19mm
• Length: 3m
• Colours: Cream, Silver, Titan


1.Measure and cut flat cover to length
2.Position the Base 1-2mm of any solid objects and predrill holes for screws
3.Screw/glue the base into place

Flat Cover is used where timber or laminate joins another floor of the same level or slightly different height. Most often used where timber or laminate meets existing floor coverings such as stretch carpet, cork, tiles or other existing coverings that are slightly higher or lower than the flooring being installed or as an expansion trim for large area floors.

• Top Cover: 45mm
• Length: 2.7m
• Colours: Cream, Silver, Titan


Angle End Cover is used for coverage in tight fitting areas such as under dishwasher areas or areas where an end trim is not easily installed.
• Height Range: 5mm
• Top Cover: 18mm
• Length: 2.7m
• Colours: Cream, Silver, Titan

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